Beats by Dre / Bose / Monster / High End Headphone Repairs

Chicagoland's #1 Beats™ / High End Headphone Repair Service Center!

Game Time Repair's Certified High End Headphone Technicians has successfully repaired 100's of high end headphones like Beats® by Dre®, Bose®, Monster®, Sony® and other high end brand names. Not only are we the only repair center in the area that repairs your high end headphones, we can usually repair them in 1 - 3 days and for a fraction of the price (most repairs are $50 - $90) of a new set of headphones. If your repair requires parts we don't have in stock, most repairs will be complete within 1 business week.

Beats by Dre™ Repair (models of Beats we repair)

Solo / Solo HD / Solo Version 2
Studio and Studio Version 2

Wireless (all versions)


Bose® Headphone Repair (models of Bose we repair)

QuietComfort® 2 Acoustic

QuietComfort® 3 Acoustic
QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic

AE2 & AE2i Audio Headphones
OE2 & OE2i Audio Headphones
Bose Aviation X

Sennheiser® Headphone Repair (models of Sennheiser we repair)

PXC 250-II
PXC 310 / PXC 310 BT
PXC 360 BT
PXC 450
HD 500A
MM 450 / MM 450-X
MM 500-X
MM 550 / MM 550-X
PC 350
HD 558 / HD 598
HD 600 / HD 650
HD 800
RS 160
RS 170
RS 180
RS 220

Other High End Headphone Repair

Just because you don't see your headphone model listed above, that doesn't mean we don't repair them. All you need to do is contact us, we can let you know in just a few minutes. 

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